Ju-Ju-Be Print placement Selection

Ju-Ju-Be Print placement Selection

You want a certain Tokidoki character, or have a special request for print placement on your new Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki, Hello Kitty or classic Ju-Ju-Be bag? No problem, with our Print Placement option you can see pictures of all the Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki, Hello Kitty bags, and most of the classic too, that we have in stock. And you order exactly the one you like.

Easy and you know what you are getting even before you receive it! No more need to ask for pictures, you can see them when ever you visit our store.

We now have Print Placement option available all current Tokidoki products, all Hello Kitty bags and most of the classic Ju-Ju-Be bags. And we even have Print Placement option available on all Tokidoki bags and accessories.

If we have a lot of variations of a single product, we can, due to technical limitations, present only 15 to 20 different products, but in that case we select the most asked ones first and of course we add new ones as soon as the previous ones have been sold.
We also receive new products all the time and add the to Print Placement option to them as soon as possible.

We announce all new Print Placement additions in our special Twitter feed. Take a look in here ...

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