Laura's Little Advent Calendar

Laura's Little Advent Calendar

Welcome to Laura's Little Advent Calendar.

Every day until Christmas Eve a we had a new surprise

There were giveaways, competitions and special offers.

Advent Calendar has closed for 2016, but there might be another one in 2017. Who knows. 

Here are all the winners in Laura's Little Advent Calendar 2016.

Day 1


Insjö Saimaa bagINbag in Lux Black and a black leather shoulder strap

Landy Ma from California, United States


Insjö Inari bagINbag in Navy Blue

Katarzyna Okrasa from Sweden

Day 2

We had an competition and the prize was a special discount code

Day 3

MiniBe Sea Amo

Brand new Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki MiniBe in Sea Amo

Angela Shiraki from Hawaii, United States

Day 4

Coin purse collection

Collection of Unikiki 2.0, Kaiju City and Hello Sanrio coin purses

Carine Pik Yi Chan from Australia

Day 5

This was a bonus day. You got an $20/£20/20€ Gift Card with every purchase over $100/£100/100€.

Day 6

Be Set Imperial Princess

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Be Set in Imperial Princess

 Sophie Pleaster from United Kingdom

Day 7

Coin purse collection

Collection of Out to Sea, Peek A Box and Strawberry Stripes coin purses

 Viktoria Danbolt from Sweden

Day 8

We had a special promotion. Purchase any Kanga Care for $100/£100/100€ and get a Kanga Care Chill wet bag for free

Day 9

We started our Double Reward Points Weekend. 

Day 10

Be Quick Space Place

Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki Be Quick in Space Place

 Ksenia Maglakelidze from Australia

Day 11

Another bonus day. You got an extra 20% on top of all Gift Card purchases.

Day 12

Be Right Back Black Ops

Ju-Ju-Be Onyx Be Right Back in Black Ops

 Lorna Smith from New York, United States

Day 13

All blankets, all brands, were 20% Off

Day 14

Superfan Hobo

Tokidoki Superfan Hobo bag

 Elisabetta Mearini from Italy

Day 15

Special promotion. All wallets, all brands were 20% Off

Day 16

Special promotion. Purchase an Itty Bitty and get a Kanga Care doll diaper set for free.

Day 17

Summer Splash wallet

Tokidoki Summer Splash wallet

 Ursulla Nair from Victoria, Australia

Day 18

Insjö bundle

Insjö nudle of Saimaa bagInbag in Navy Blue, brown leather shoulder strap and Inari bagINbag in Lux Black.

 Jesse Lee from Singapore

Day 19

Special competition. Make a purchase and win an random coin purse.

Day 20

Be Quick Sea Amo

Brand new Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki Be Quick in Sea Amo

 Gemma Stafford from United Kingdom

Day 21

Be Light Imperial Princess

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Be Light in Imperial Princess and a matching coin purse

 Katharina Janowsky from Austria

Day 22

Starlet Kings Court

Brand new Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki Starlet bag in Kings Court

Andrea Antenore from Switzerland 

Day 23

Be Set Space Place

Brand new Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki Be Set in Space Place

 Mandy Meysen from Netherlands

Day 24

Special promotion. Select products at 24% Off


Congratulations to all winners.

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