Return shipping label for returning a product or products, you purchased from Laura's Little Boutique.

Return will be shipped with DHL Express.

Important! Due to the service being done in co-operation with DHL, there are some restrictions on locations we can offer the service.
Generally, if your order arrived with postal service, you can't use this service. If you are unsure, please contact before purchasing the service.

Please request an Returns Made Easy RMA number in here, before ordering the return shipping label. We need the return information to be able to take care of the customs declaration on your behalf!

Return label will be sent by email as an PDF file.

Return shipping label includes:

  • printable DHL Express shipping label
  • pick up at your designated location
  • Express shipping to our warehouse Europe (usually 2 - 3 working days)
  • exit customs clearance in your country
  • inbound customs clearance in Europe
  • 100% insurance for all items in the shipment

Print the label, pack the item or items to be returned according to the instructions in the email and when ready call local DHL to pick up your return.

Your returned item or items will be restocked and your payment refunded within 7 days of the arrival of the return at our warehouse.

Please add a comment on the order about what you want to return, so that we can give better instructions on the return process and create the required customs documents.

Please note! As this is an external service, we can't accept any discount codes or gift cards for the purchase of this service.


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